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Wednesday, December 31st 2008

9:14 AM

John Legend celebrates his 30th Birthday with a Grand Piano Shaped Cake

  • Mood: Tired!
  • Music: John Legend
Recently, I was asked to make a grand piano shaped cake for fellow Capricorn, John Legend, who celebrated his  30th birthday last Sunday at Lucky Strike Lanes in Manhattan.

Model & his beloved, Chrissy Teigen, ordered the cake personally and, after learning my birthday was the day before,  invited two guests and myself to join the festivities at Lucky Strike and an afterparty which continued at a club downtown.

John requested a cake made with peanut butter, chocolate & love. I created a peanut butter cake with dark chocolate swirl filled with  milk chocolate ganache and peanut butter buttercream between each layer of cake. YUMMY!

Everyone I spoke to, including Chrissy herself, loved the cake and I even had my piece stolen from me, which is just a well because I have a huge bowl of chocolate and peanut butter cake scraps in the fridge. I figure if I eat them all by midnight they won't count as 2009 calories. :0)

Happy New Year's Every one!


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Tuesday, August 5th 2008

10:19 AM

Clams on the Half Shell .... & Roller Skates!

Sometimes, I even amaze my self.
This cake was made for a rollerskate aficionado who wanted to be the envy of her party guests! Apparently, it worked I got a call the next day asking about the cake!

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Monday, July 14th 2008

10:42 AM

Stephen Colbert's Wrist Strong Anniversary Cake!


I was lucky enough to be called to make a cake to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Stephen Colbert breaking his wrist, bringing awareness to Hollywood's exploitation on wrist violence.
I didn't get to meet Stephen, but I did get to sit his chair! )

"We did not use the cake in the show, but I Stephen did enjoy it.  He was surprised to see it.  He made the first cut at the wrist, and he ate a slice during rehearsal.  I am sending you a copy of the show that night on DVD.  Thanks again for everything!"
- Erica

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Tuesday, April 15th 2008

9:34 AM

Sugar Mama or Sugar Diva?

I was asked to make a huge cake for Todarte Productions to celebrate "The Benefit" !
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Monday, February 11th 2008

9:25 PM

This IS the dawning of the age of Aquarius!

Aquarius Cake



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Thursday, February 7th 2008

10:07 AM

I love this cake to death!

Danyale's Flaming Birthday Cake


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Sunday, February 3rd 2008

3:22 PM

Princess Morgan!

Morgan's Princess Castle Cake

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Saturday, February 2nd 2008

2:54 PM

I plead guilty. Please, throw the book me!

Law Book with Canadian Lawyer on Top


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Friday, February 1st 2008

9:09 PM

The Miracle 5 hour cake!

Allison's Speedy Birthday Cake

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Sunday, January 27th 2008

11:36 PM


Blue's Clues


ess Cupcakes

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